Deliveries of Russian coal in the business interests of Kolomoisky destroys Ukrainian coal-mining industry, – Volynets

Поставки российского угля в бизнес-интересах Коломойского уничтожает украинскую угледобывающую отрасль, - Волынец

The supply of coal from the aggressor country, which is carried out for controlled Kolomoisky of the state company “Centrenergo”, and the corrupt schemes of the oligarch blow to the domestic coal mining industry. As reported by Ukrainian news, this was stated by MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets in the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”.

He reminded that the Ukrainian activists blocked the supply of Russian coal in Ukraine, which is delivered to the state company “Centrenergo”, which is controlled by businessman Igor Kolomoisky. At that time, as Ukrainian mines stopped, and for months the miners have not been paid.

“I was at the station “Sosnovka”. And earlier, a month ago, when I was there, cars were blocked 160. Before another part of the wagons were unloaded. Now less than half. Consumer and customer coal Russian is such firm “Record of city systems” assigned to station “Tripoli”, that is, near Kiev. It is clear that this coal is intended for use at the Trypillya thermal power plant of the company “Centrenergo”, public company”, — said Volynets.

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He noted that as a result of corruption schemes in “Tsentrenergo” close to Kolomoisky, the company supplies coal at a cheap price from Russia, and the power generated at it sells the enterprises of the oligarch at reduced rates.

“It’s just corruption, it’s just the mafia. Because of “Centrenergo” is Kolomoisky, the oligarch Kolomoisky. He appointed its management, that is, there appoints the Board of Directors, the Cabinet of Ministers approves the acting Potapenko, and Potapenko is oligarch Kolomoisky. And we see a situation where cheap electricity comes from 3 thermal power plants PJSC “Centrenergo” for Ferroalloy plants Kolomoisky. So what then is the market which the electricity market, in which we entered from July 1, and why the miners have to suffer?”, — said Wolyniec.

We will remind, before mass media published information that the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract for the purchase of Russian coal by 400 million UAH from Boryspil unknown firm, “Oil Force”, is the founder and Director of which is directly related to the activities of the group “Privat”. And “Centrenergo” buys coal at UAH 2,500 per tonne, considerably higher than the price calculated by the formula “Rotterdam+”, which is 1740 UAH per ton. At the same time produced from this coal electricity the company sells at a lower tariff (UAH 1,3 kW/h) enterprises owned by Igor Kolomoisky, while the cost of current is 1.9 UAH/kWh.