Degelis springboard: the triple crown of Carol-Ann

caroll-ann-emond-remporte-premierAfter winning first prize in Trois-Pistoles, and the Song Festival of St. Ambrose, the Baieriveraine Caroll-Ann Émond has added a third jewel in his crown. She triumphed on Sunday in the category Interpreter 18 and over, Degelis springboard of opportunity.

To access this province-wide event, the artist initially survived the preselection made among the 16 candidates. She then dominated the semifinal held on 19 May with two contrasting pieces. One of them is Jo Bocan, intimate version Starting from scratch. The other, popularized by Edith Piaf, is named Johnny.

“It’s Claude Boutin, artistic director at St. Ambrose, who suggested me to take Johnny. That along well because I like doing things that have been forgotten and put in my hand, “he told Caroll-Ann Émond Tuesday during an interview with the Daily.

What is particular to her is the fact that in a contest, his first objective is to get a new chance to sing before an audience. It is for this reason that once made final, the young woman was already happy with his lot.

She was also aware of the caliber of his rivals, Florence Langevin, of Ste-Julie and Jeremie Roy of Varennes. “Just to make the final, for me it was the ultimate. There was a lot of talent, “says Caroll-Ann Emond.

Held before a packed house at the local sports center, which was something like 700 to 800 people, the ultimate test allowed him to introduce a discovery room, too, during his last appearance at St. Ambrose. Written by Genevieve Morissette, it is titled It means could.

“This is a ballad that I was back for the second time in Dégelis. I was ready and I enjoyed every second “recounts Caroll-Ann Emond. His performance earned him a $ 1,500 scholarship that is added to the amount of $ 150 collected in the first round.

Most important, however, is the increased confidence and motivation that resulted from participation in the Contest. “I had a big” boost “,” says the singer. She referred to what happened on the stage, but also in the days leading up to the final, punctuated by a series of workshops.

He has animated Yves Marchand, of Zebulon group, was particularly enlightening. Devoted to writing, it led to the production of some texts, experience even more relevant that the Baieriveraine initiates a transition. Having won three times at the performers, it must now target the songwriter-performer category.

“I want to start writing songs to keep making contest. As I hold a BA in literature, I know I can get there and it is on this that I will work in the coming months, “says Caroll-Ann Émond.

While fulfilling the educational function to the CPE Alouette Base Bagotville, the young woman did not give up the opportunity to experience his art, indeed. The flame that shines in his heart has been revived in Degelis, hence his desire to go after this dream, since Sunday, seems a bit less utopian.

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