Death of Maxime Fournier: the coroner questioned medical intervention

lors-course-bonheur-maxime-fournier(Trois-Riviуres) The life of a firefighter Maxime Fournier, who died at the Half Marathon of Shawinigan fire on June 7, could she be saved? This is the question raised by the coroner Lyne Chouinard, in its Wednesday released report which questions the decisions made by the doctor who spoke on the course during the incident.

In its analysis, the coroner says that resuscitation would have ceased prematurely after the directive doctor. The latter would also denied that the patient administers a solute for rehydration and possibly the administration of intravenous medication.

“Although the medical condition of Mr. Fournier was a poor prognosis, access to advanced cardiac life could have contributed to slightly increase its chances of survival. (…) As the personal physician to half marathon practiced in an emergency, it is conceivable that higher levels of care could be offered on site, “said the coroner’s report.

Lyne Chouinard makes two recommendations. It recommends that the College of Physicians to consider the quality of the professional act and care for Mr. Fournier during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It also asks the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to develop a specific guide for medical emergencies during road racing activities and ensure the dissemination of the organizers of such activities.

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