Deadly sweating: the defendants request a new trial

(Victoriaville) The lawyer Gabrielle Frechette, Mr. Richard Dube, filed a series of documents on Monday, before the Court of Appeal to request that his client a new trial.

The criminalist believes that Judge Hélène Fabi erred in his judgment, considering it illegal to hold sweat activities, so that no law prevents it. He also believes that the judge did not consider the fact that participants in the healing activities were voluntary and were able to terminate it at any time.

The lawyer Ginette Duclos and Gerald Fontaine, the other two co-accused in the case, Mr. René Duval, requested and was granted until 1 August to file the appeal documents. It should make a similar request to the Court of Appeal.

The Crown will then have a period of three months to reply to the arguments of counsel. It is expected that the case be heard somewhere in 2018.

Recall that the trio was convicted in December 2014 of criminal negligence causing the death of Chantal Lavigne and lesions Julie Théberge. They were sentenced in January 2016, serving prison terms ranging from two to three depending on their degree of involvement. The three co-defendants were released in the days following their imprisonment, the cause being appealed.

Lavigne and Theberge, aged respectively 35 and 48 years old at the relevant time had been taken to hospital after several hours of treatment, during which they were invited to smear mud and cover with plastic and blankets. Participants then put your head in a cardboard box.

Ms. Lavigne died July 29, 2011 as a result of heat stroke, while Ms. Theberge had to be treated urgently for nervous shock.

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