Deadly of emergency in the subway: the movement is blocked, in place of the pulled the police and an ambulance

Смертельное ЧП в метро: движение заблокировано, на место стянули полицию и скорую

Because of the deadly emergency in the subway was suspended the movement of trains

In the Moscow metro station “University” the passenger fell onto the tracks and died under the wheels of a train. As explained in the UVD on the Moscow metro, the young man fell from the platform on the hard way.

“On duty at the station, the police immediately called a police emergency, which on arrival verified death of the passenger,” — said the Agency.

The incident happened around 11:15 local time. To eject a passenger for 10 minutes was filmed voltage contact rail.

The movement on the red line subway was suspended from the station “Yugo-Zapadnaya” to station “Sports” in the direction to the center in the opposite direction of the train went with a larger interval.

Смертельное ЧП в метро: движение заблокировано, на место стянули полицию и скорую

Earlier it was reported that the Kiev metro introduces the next innovation. Old green map of the Kiev metro Kyiv will be replaced with new smart card. The changes will take effect from October 1, Kyiv smart card is the only e-ticket that will be valid in all public transport in the capital.

The people of Kiev will be able to use old maps as long as they provide the funds. Also in cash desks of the underground will be for the “green” map to the collateral value from 7 to 15 UAH.

The cost of Kyiv smart card will be 50 UAH. This is the purchase and not a Deposit. To get the money back will not succeed. The map will be locked without possibility of a refund of the balance if for 364 days it will not be used. At the same time, the cardholder can lock it via the call centre or in the personal electronic Cabinet. This will need to those who have lost their card and do not want to lose the trip.

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Смертельное ЧП в метро: движение заблокировано, на место стянули полицию и скорую

Recall the incident happened in the subway of Kiev, people urgently evacuated, traffic was stopped.

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