Deadly impact of August 2015: Yves Martin was traveling at 127 km / h

yves-martin-conduisait-camion-dodgeYves Martin was driving his truck 2010 Dodge Ram 127 kilometers per hour five seconds before hitting the brunt of the car the three victims of the St. Paul row. And at the time of impact, the vehicle still traveling at 120 km / h in a 80 zone.

The specialist in accident reconstruction scenes of Public Safety Saguenay, Pierre Girard, got the content of electronic boxes of the two vehicles involved in this tragedy occurred on 1 August 2015 when three people lost their lives.

The preliminary investigation of Martin continues for a second day at the Chicoutimi courthouse before the judge Pierre Simard.

The company Bosch, which supplies the box Dodge Ram, provided fairly complete detail in the seconds before impact.

“This is according to the analysis of mailboxes. It demonstrates that the speed was 127 km / h five seconds before impact and that it declined to 126, 125 and 120 km / h at the time of collision, “says Girard.

“As for braking, the system recorded a braking sequence of 0.3 seconds at the moment of impact,” adds reconstructionist.

It has not been able to provide information about speed and braking details of the Honda Civic victims.

The computer system of the Japanese company was not in time to the vehicles before 2012 and therefore can not provide this information.

Pierre Girard also said that the road was adherent at the time of the accident and there was no reason for the vehicles lost control.

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