Deadly gas will destroy mankind, scientists warn will kill all life

Смертоносный газ погубит человечество, ученые бьют тревогу: убьет все живое

Carbon dioxide, whose concentration in the atmosphere greatly increased, could lead to another extinction of many species

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has reached unprecedented values over the past 2.5 million years. It is reported citing the journal Nature Communications.

The article States that scientists from Texas A&M University stated that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached unprecedented over the last 2.5 million years of values. For all time of human existence on the planet such uninhabitable conditions was not.

Смертоносный газ погубит человечество, ученые бьют тревогу: убьет все живое

Experts managed to recreate the reconstruction of atmospheric composition, having studied the carbonates in fossil soils in the Loess plateau in China, whose age is up to 22 million years. Data on the concentration of carbon dioxide was comparable to the results of a study of ice samples.

As it turned out, the first representatives of the genus Homo erectus, who existed between 2.1-1.8 million years ago, lived in an environment with low content of carbon dioxide (320 parts per million). The concentration of greenhouse gases stayed at a stable level until 1965, after which it reached 415 ppm.

According to scientists, major climate change in the middle Pleistocene, which caused Rissko glaciation (350-187 thousand years ago), not associated with fluctuations in the level of carbon dioxide, and had other reasons.

Смертоносный газ погубит человечество, ученые бьют тревогу: убьет все живое

It should be noted that the Early Eocene (about 48-56 million years ago) was the warmest period in Earth’s history over the last 66 million years. It began with the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum, which is characterized by an abrupt warming that caused the extinction of many species. The surface temperature of the Earth was 14 degrees Celsius warmer than today. The level of carbon dioxide was 1,000 parts per million, which is two times the current level.

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