Deadly element sweeps away all life in its path, chaos and destruction reign around, footage of the Apocalypse

Смертоносная стихия сметает все живое на своем пути: хаос и разруха царят вокруг, кадры апокалипсиса

The crushing force of the wind is raging from the coast warm resort country – the hurricane broke is not a joke, footage from the event speak for themselves

A powerful hurricane hit the coast of Mexico. It is reported by Mexico News Daily, information and footage from the scene also actively spread in the network. New hurricane name is “Lorena”, it was formed in the Pacific ocean and parapatrol almost all of the East coast of Mexico. The maximum wind speed of the hurricane was 120 km/h”, all the troubles in the region began on September 18 evening:

“A hurricane is concentrated approximately 55 km South-West of Manzanillo and moving North-West at a speed of 19 km/h.”

Because of the hurricane now in the southern part of Mexico may fall heavy rains is a big threat of landslides and floods. People are in panic, all afraid for their lives and property:

“In some States, cancelled classes in schools” — referred to in the message of local authorities.

Смертоносная стихия сметает все живое на своем пути: хаос и разруха царят вокруг, кадры апокалипсиса

Recall also the incident occurred in North Korea, here flooded more than 210 apartments, 15 public buildings, while in these apartments were more than 460 families, damaged the street — everywhere lie fallen trees, the streets become there was no river.

Known about the human casualties as a result of a raging Typhoon “Lingling”:

“Five people were killed and three suffered”, — reported local authorities to the media. People are scared, organizuyutsya shelters for those who lost or whose homes are damaged.

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Recall also that the number of victims of hurricane “Dorian” has increased – the terrible devastation have engulfed the region, people in despair, many missing, including children.

30 people died in a raging hurricane in the Bahamas. “Dorian” has ruined the region clean – all flooded, upset, broken, parents looking for their children who may – bury family:

“The number may grow significantly, because there are still thousands of people are currently unaccounted for,” said the authorities of the Bahamas.

At the same time subsets that saving 201 people — the U.S. coast guard continues to work in the region. Footage from the scene – just shocking.

Recall also that Mexico pours with rain for more than a day here sometimes sweeps heavy wind, because of rain began flooding. About the weather Apocalypse post. It is known that in some places the water reaches two meters in height:

“The streams wash everything in its path — cars and houses, and in one of the settlements even collapsed pedestrian bridge.”

We also know that rescuers are broken makeshift camp for asylum — people snatched from the turbulent flow just in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, we already know about the first victim of the weather. The body was found the day before:

“Rescuers in boats evacuated some areas, but they say that the worst may still be ahead.”

Recall that the elements raged in Ukraine, there are victims.

As reported Politeka, the ferocious elements claimed the lives of five: “rescuers pull dead body.”

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: 63 dead.