Daytime sleep reduces the risk of diseases how to sleep to not get sick

Дневной сон уменьшает риск заболеваний: как правильно спать, чтобы не болеть

As it became known, the NAP was not as harmful. In this we are told Swiss experts who have been able to figure out that the dream day will help to protect against complications in the heart and blood vessels.

Specialists from the University hospital center in Lausanne, Switzerland analyzed the influence of daytime sleep on the 3.4 thousand people aged 35 to 75 years, reports BMJ Journals.

Everyone involved in the program had problems with the cardiovascular system. Some of them have already practiced a NAP once a week, others fell asleep in the daylight every day, the rest didn’t do it at all.

Дневной сон уменьшает риск заболеваний: как правильно спать, чтобы не болеть

Throughout the research we identified 155 cases of various complications associated with the operation of the vessels and the heart.

The results of the tests showed that people who slept by day 5-6 times a week and do not suffer complications. Only in some cases, the risk of complications increased.

This statistic does not concern people over 65 years, it’s probably for the overall health of the group and the presence of diseases.

According to the researchers, the 20 minute NAP should be enough to “recharge”.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered how a person’s age affects life satisfaction.

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Experts of the Centre for economic performance at the London school of Economics and political science was able to determine the so-called “age of happiness”.

Дневной сон уменьшает риск заболеваний: как правильно спать, чтобы не болеть

According to the conclusion made by scientists in the course of human life there are two age periods when there is a feeling of happiness.

The researchers analyzed data from 23 thousand people aged from 17 to 85 years. Volunteers worked in stages. At first people took the survey, which showed their satisfaction with life. The participants were asked they’re happy. Also, test subjects were told how they see their lives in five years.

After five years with the volunteers again conducted a survey. In addition, participants like last time assessed their happiness and compare it with what happened to them in the past.

As a result, experts have determined that happiness in the period from 20 to 70 is a U-shaped curve. In youth there arises the expectation of a happy life, but to measure the age level of life satisfaction falls with the understanding that not everything is as expected.

“People feel completely happy at 23 and 69 years”, — noted the researchers.

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