Days force in August 2018

Дни силы в августе 2018 года

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In August there will be many days when the energy of the Universe appears to be particularly favorable. These positive aspects can be used as a runway for training.

Astrologers claim that August is a difficult month. The end of the summer season for many people is the harbinger of the autumn Blues.

7 August – travel day

Under the auspices of Gemini waning Moon turns into a great magnet for happiness. Especially lucky those who will be able to change the environment around themselves and their own mood. 25 lunar day can fly quickly, and can last a very long time and slowly. If you go on a business trip or vacation, then good luck will turn to you. Fortune will favor those who are not afraid of change. Try to make sure that you feel comfortable – avoid conflicts with others and negative emotions.

August 9 – day family Affairs

This is the best day for staying close with those you truly love. This time it is advisable to devote love, a joint business, romance. If you will have the opportunity to visit distant relatives and meet up with old friends, former classmates, then do it. This day will simply get a lot of positive emotions. If you have a lot of hard work on Thursday, use three strong conspiracy for good luck and happiness. Don’t doubt yourself, so as not to arouse the negative emotions.

12 August – a perfect day for work

It will be a very creative day, favorable for people who do art and hard intellectual work. Anyone who will try to do as much as possible, get lucky. It is not necessary to sit still – need to move toward your dream, whatever it takes. Perhaps the universe will try to push you to your enemies, but it will be a benefit.

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Special attention is given intuition, which will help in making important decisions. August 12, the likelihood of serious problems that cannot be resolved in the usual way. Here will be able to help force a sixth sense.

16, 17 and 18 August – days of the spiritual quest

5, 6 and 7 lunar days will be held under the auspices of Scorpio. Waxing Moon in this sign of the Zodiac contributes to the strengthening of relationships and finding a soul mate. It is possible to work quietly, relax, introspect or just go with the flow. These days may be the so-called enlightenment, when a person suddenly finds a solution to problems that have long plagued it.

Scorpio will do everything possible to ensure that your prayer, meditation and any other spiritual practices were successful. Will pay more attention to health these days power. It will be the best time for exercise and physical labor.

August 28 – day of lightness and good mood

On the 28th the waning Moon will be in Pisces. On this day, you can safely engage in planning for the future. Astrologers advise not to spend too much time on what makes you worry or worry. It is advisable not to create illusions on the 28th, especially in relation to people. If you take things easier then you can in a very short time become a happier person.

Also find out when in August the day of a solar Eclipse.

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