Daycare: New facilities about to emerge

nouvelle-installation-tit-gadu-sera(Sherbrooke) Good news in the middle of the CPE. New facilities that were long overdue are about to emerge. Despite the obstacles encountered in the last month, the CPE The Sunny was able to launch the construction of its second plant, for which the seats had been obtained … in 2012. CPE Le P’tit Gadu, the call for tender has been launched, and we now hope that the start of construction will fall.

The sunny, located on the street Golden Wheat in Sherbrooke, began work at the end of June. The Director General of the institution, Danielle Lavallee hope an opening somewhere around November 2016. This second installation of 50 seats, initially expected for December 2014 will be added to the first facility with 76 places. ” I am really happy. Once it’s gone, it’s encouraging. Much effort has … ”

A bridge will connect the two buildings. “We have seen some things down, having to return to the budget of 2012-2013,” illustrates Ms. Lavallee.

The CPE managers planning to build a new facility or expansion encountered several obstacles in recent months, including a change to the funding rules.

CPE managers point out that parents who wish to find a place for their child must first register at Place 0-5, a window that manages CPE spaces and subsidized day care.

Danielle Lavallee believes that the project will create nine full-time positions. We think of positions of teachers and cooks.

CPE Le P’tit Gadu is a milestone that has been reached with the launch of the tender. “It may happen that at the opening of envelopes (…) there is no proposal that meets the requirements of the Ministry,” says Executive Director Judith Laflamme, recalling also that it must obtain authorization of Quebec to sign the contract with the contractor.

Nevertheless: it now hopes an opening somewhere in the spring or summer of 2017. The new facility, which will be adjacent to the current facility, will have its street address Sara. Judith Laflamme is delighted to meet the needs of parents. The manager shows still cautious. “This is an important step taken. It is a great joy to finally have permission to go to tender. “She believes that a fifteen jobs could be created,” without prejudice “.

“What I can say is that there are projects that advance, which is very good news for the Estrie” said for his part the Executive Director of CPE Grouping of the Eastern Townships East (RCPECE), Lucie Therriault. The projects are all made in the same place, but several cheminent. Ms. Therriault drew a picture of the situation because the members of the region wished to have a state of the situation.

The rule of the attendance rate has a significant financial impact
The CPE Le P’tit Gadu expected to have to deal with $ 78,000 less in its budget in 2016-2017. The cuts are finally lower than anticipated at around $ 50,000. With the implemented actions, the Executive Director Judith Laflamme hope of reaching a balanced budget. The new rule the attendance rate of 80%, however, has a significant impact on the budget of the CPE.

Recall that in recent months, the CPE must achieve the target of 80% of the attendance rate of children enrolled full time, or they are penalized financially.

Judith Laflamme estimates that the attendance rate is about 77% at P’tit Gadu, resulting in a significant penalty, or about $ 10,000.

“The majority or the average of the CPE does not reach the attendance rate of 80%,” she says.

This target causes the direction of the CPE is “torn” in its values, while the medium educates parents about the importance of taking a vacation with children. “We will continue to say yes (note: for parents to take time off with their children), but at the same time the financial obligation was to find ways to increase the attendance rate with positive solutions. ”

Now that the surplus of $ 1.8 billion were garnered in Quebec thanks to cuts in education and health, reinvestment is imperative, argues Judith Laflamme.

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