Davie wants to renew the employment contract of its unionized

1223630(Quebec) The Trade Union of the shipyard Lauzon (CSN) convened its members at a special meeting Sunday to vote on a proposal submitted by Chantier Davie Canada to renew for a period of 18 months the current collective agreement whose deadline expired on 30 June.

The employer proposal also suggests wage increases of 1% on 1 July 2016 and 1 January 2017 and a 5% signing bonus.

In the union newsletter seen by The Sun, the workers’ representatives point out that the proposal is “very far” from the mandate that the negotiating team had received from its members.

The union executive said he understood the “frustration” expressed by workers who are aware of the employer’s proposal and asked its members to turn out in large numbers at the special meeting. “We must have a clear direction for further negotiations.”

If the Lévis shipyard calls for the renewal of the employment contract for a period of 18 months, it is because he wants to devote all his energies, as the union newsletter, preparation of bids to obtain contracts federal government. Davie will include getting the contract for the completion of work on the CCGS Pierre Radisson, an icebreaker for the Coast Guard.

According to the union newsletter, the employer wants to have a work contract “valid” to allow it to bid on these contracts, including the CCGS Pierre Radisson for which the deadline to submit a proposal has been set for July 11.

The parties negotiated the 27, 28 and 29 June and 4 July to try to find common ground on the duration of the extension of the collective agreement on pay increase on retroactivity and the establishment a negotiation schedule.

“Unfortunately, we must note that despite the openness shown by the union, no agreement has been reached on these points. The company remained on its original positions and asks us to present the Assembly for approval, “said the union.

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