David Lantin responds to accusations of Jessy Ferrero on the people of Marseille : “It was difficult with the reputation” – Here

There is little, Jessy claimed to have been manipulated by the production house. Charges that rejects David Lantin, the facilitator of the program.

After his participation in the Marseille vs. the rest of the world, Jessy Ferrero had aroused the wrath of his mother. The latter claimed that his daughter was become a real ” bitch “, and that she had lost all value because of the emission. For its part, the pretty brunette had assured being manipulated by the production, which would have been forced to leave his beloved during the shooting.

“It was done on purpose to send me in the show the first without my boyfriend. Just arrived, the production had influenced me, saying to me : “Valentin, this is not a guy for you”. I admit that I was totally naive and suggestible, ” was she advanced in Key not at my post, last October. Charges which comes to meet the facilitator of the program, David Lantin.

According to him, Jessy Ferrero would have probably struggled to manage its reputation. “I love Jessy, I discovered on the shoot. I can understand that this is a high exposure, he must take every day, and that she struggles with fame and what the issue was made “, he said to Puremédias.

The presenter still does not understand the remarks made by the Marseillaise, that he felt very happy on the shoot. “From what I’ve experienced on the spot, I saw it in full bloom, very well in the program. If a few weeks or months later, there is a bell sound different, it belongs to him “, he continued. David Lantin assures us : “The production does not give any instructions. From what I’ve seen, it was not forced on anything. “

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