David Gauthier won with Warriors

mardi-soir-stade-napoleon-fontaine(Granby) The Junior Elite Warriors know another difficult season. But through the failure of the team, David Gauthier’s performance stood above the fray.

Tuesday night at the stadium Napoleon Fontaine Gauthier has greatly inspired the Warriors, who defeated the Cardinals 2-1 in LaSalle. He pitched a complete game, allowing just two hits and two walks in addition to removing nine strikeouts. And batting, he hit a solo, his second shot four goals of the season.

“It went pretty well, said Gauthier, who will celebrate his 19th birthday next month. There are games like that where everything goes and it was one of those. ”

It was the sixth win of Gauthier (against four losses) this season. He signed half of the gains of his team. And that’s not counting that stick, who also plays in the first strike cushion for an average of 348 points with 17 RBIs.

Clearly, he is the best player of the Warriors this season.

“Individually speaking, it’s sure it’s going well. Obviously, I would like our record is better. But we have a team well above our record. The late arrival of Christopher Acosta Tapia hurt, we were unlucky in several games and there were a couple of injuries, such as that experienced by James Grondin (finger), who has been absent for a few weeks. Yes, we’re better than that. … ”

Never a chore

Still, Gauthier, a resident of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, still fun to get to the stadium. “It was a great gang and we have fun together. It’s never, never a chore to go play baseball. ”

The Warriors, who nevertheless won five of their last 10 games, have only four games on the schedule, all in Granby. Their chances of making the playoffs are no more than mathematical.

“It’s been a difficult season, but we all learned there. We have learned and we have learned some lessons that will serve us next season. ”

The Warriors (12-26) will receive the Dukes of Longueuil Friday night at Napoleon-Fontaine stage.

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