Daughter Yatsenyuk struck teen photo: “still a rebel”

Дочь Яценюка поразила недетскими фото: "По-прежнему бунтует"

Reporters found in social networks photo, which shows how good-looking and fun daughter Yatsenyuk

About it reports the edition Country.

Note that the politician does not particularly like to dwell on the themes of personal life and tries to keep daughters back from the press.

Дочь Яценюка поразила недетскими фото: "По-прежнему бунтует"

After five years ago journalists for the first time found the personal page of Christine Yatsenyuk, it has removed all the incriminating photos and started your account in the Ukrainian language.

Now the media is again talking about the 20-year-old Christine.

Дочь Яценюка поразила недетскими фото: "По-прежнему бунтует"

Judging by her photo in social networks, she holds his passion for piercing and creativity. Then, a few years ago, she claimed that the father is not aware of the fact that she has a smiley piercing (the earring in the frenulum under the top lip).

“I’m making earrings. Now is the time that I hardly see him. In the morning comes, if not later. And at seven in the morning leaving. Not before him now. Don’t want to say no because of the fact that the blame will be. But just don’t want to upset”, commented a girl in 2014, when her father Arseny Yatsenyuk appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Дочь Яценюка поразила недетскими фото: "По-прежнему бунтует"

At the moment Christina Yatsenyuk already a third year student of one of the foreign universities, as is now customary with politicians and media personalities of our country.

Moreover, in 2012, she was studying at Columbia International College, which is located in Canada. Apparently, Christina went there for language courses that suit to international students during the holidays.

On the page of Cristina on Facebook there are pictures taken by a professional photographer. With Chanel bag in embroidered leather jackets daughter Yatsenyuk can claim the title of the model.

There are also holiday pictures and night clubs, but entries, thoughts or posts on the topical theme of the absent or visible only to friends.

Recall that Yatsenyuk was unexpectedly eliminated from the election of the President: what happened.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made an important statement about the future of Ukraine under his rule. He promised to turn the country into a new Switzerland.

Also Politeka wrote that NATO dramatically changed the position and consider the accession of Ukraine.