Daughter Potap posted candid photos, steeper than Kamensky: “How’s Kim?”

Дочь Потапа выложила откровенные фото, круче чем Каменских: «Как у Ким?»

The adopted daughter of the captain and his daughter his ex-wife Irina Gorovoy often shares racy vacation photos

So, Natasha horova on the page in social network Instagram has published a new photo from the beach. Girl lying on white sand in the bathing suit of khaki and a straw hat with his back to the camera. Natasha shows off all the curves of her figure, and Golden tan.

Дочь Потапа выложила откровенные фото, круче чем Каменских: «Как у Ким?»

“R E L A X”, — has signed a frame daughter Potap.

“NICOLE!!!! 💣❤️”, “I 💋”, “Bimba 😍🥐”, “Seal😂🔥You fire💛🔥”, “Why so hot?😍🔥”, “The ohoho — beauty!✨”, “You have an amazing figure , the sun 😻”, “Natasha Pricedale🔥, Aaaaaaaawwww”, “Tanned tigress!) ❤ This🌹”, “sleeping beauty 😂🔥”, “Walnut?!💥”, “Goddess ❤ On!!!”, “Cacocum? 😁 , “wrote commentators.

In just two hours in network publishing has collected more than two and a half thousand likes from satisfied subscribers.

Recall that the adopted daughter of captain posted a photo in the style of Nastya Kamenskih.

Daughter Irina Gorovoy from his first marriage who currently lives with her mother, has published a new photo social network Instagram.

Дочь Потапа выложила откровенные фото, круче чем Каменских: «Как у Ким?»

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Natasha horova actively involved in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, so enjoy showing off toned figure.

So, this time Natalie decided to show off slender and much prettier figure in the swimsuit wetland shade. The girl posed without makeup and no jewelry.

Herself, Natalie pulled down her shirt, showing a figure wearing sunglasses with red lenses.

Fans also paid more attention to the very figure of a girl, rather than her image:

“👍😍this juicy”, “the Beauty of our💗💜💟”, “Beauty”, “skinny😘😘”, “Very🔥😍”, “Beauty😍😍😍”, “you’re a babe🔥🔥”, “As always gorgeous look😍😍🔥🔥”, “Love”, “Super)))))”, “Tattoo🔥”, “😍Chic 🌸, ” “Natasha, you are the most😍🔥🤤”, “Garnier ale sabahat tattoos”, “What a cool!”, “Beauty 😍”, “Bomb💣”, “Natasha, very beautiful😻😻” – write users.

Recall Kamensky puzzled fans mood: No words

As reported Politeka, Potap wearing red dress and blonde: reaction Kamensky

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky was a blonde, appeared the first video in a new way.