Daughter of Jolie and pitt stunned appearance: “turned to the boy”

Дочь Джоли и Питта ошарашила внешним видом: "превратилась в мальчика"

Fans are discussing the changes that have taken place in the appearance of the 12-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Since the breakup of the star couple angelina Jolie-pitt has been almost three years. All this time the children of the stars were under serious pressure, because the whole world is discussing details of personal life of their parents. Now that the divorce of actors in the past, their heirs can fully enjoy life.

The daughter of Angelina and brad’s Shiloh photographed during a walk in Los Angeles. The girl went to a music lesson, and was accompanied by her teacher to play the guitar. Fans immediately drew attention to the fact that the successor of the star pair is increased. When is Shiloh continues to choose clothes in men’s style. In the pictures she was depicted in a gray hoodie and dark sweatpants.

Дочь Джоли и Питта ошарашила внешним видом: "превратилась в мальчика"

Angelina previously told me that her daughter always wanted to be like the boy. That is why Shiloh is never seen in public in dresses and prefer short haircuts. Mom does not restrict heir, believing that a girl can dress as she wants.

Дочь Джоли и Питта ошарашила внешним видом: "превратилась в мальчика"

During a walk in Los Angeles the daughter of Jolie and pitt looked very happy. The girl has long interested in music, but it is unknown if she managed to achieve great success in this field. Apparently Angelina thinks that her heir is old enough to move around the city alone and without protection.

Дочь Джоли и Питта ошарашила внешним видом: "превратилась в мальчика"

Now the children of the actors live mostly in the United States. They often travel with my mom in other country. So, Jolie along with the sons and daughters travelled extensively in Africa, where the star rides with a charitable purpose. Also the offspring was accompanied by angelina for months during the filming of the movie “Maleficent 2”, which took place in great Britain.

Recall, Angelina Jolie changed her name after her divorce with pitt: how now’s the name of the star.

As reported Politeka, Jolie told pitt to whom I owe the success: “paid little attention”.

Also Politeka wrote that Angelina Jolie admitted that he is seriously ill: “ready for the worst.”