Daughter of johnny Depp appeared in public in new York without underwear: “Courageous and candid”

Дочь Джонни Деппа появилась на публике в Нью-Йорке без белья: "Смелая и откровенная"

Lily-rose Depp starred in the world of fashion magazines and plays in the movie. However, unlike other star kids girl all she has achieved. She is the model for all teenagers

Unlike other children of star parents, Lily-rose Depp, daughter of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, every day proves that her fame fell off her head. She work hard and she hate the idea that its popularity it is obliged famous mom and dad.

Дочь Джонни Деппа появилась на публике в Нью-Йорке без белья: "Смелая и откровенная"

The girl now only 19 years old, but she is actively engaged in the development of his career, collaborating with Chanel, starred in the movie. She declares that she wants to be like Mama, Vanessa Paradis considers his idol and role model. But Lily-rose sickened by the thought that her take on shooting only because of my parents. The girl wants to achieve in life itself.

So, this time the girl lit up in a spicy way. Yesterday in new York the paparazzi caught Lily just before its entrance to the hotel where she was temporarily staying. Dressed the actress was simple but stylish and of course very sexy. Lily likes to wear thin t-shirts and plain t-shirts without underwear. The girl seen in blue-grey top, which left open her beautiful flat stomach. It is noteworthy that underwear under the top was not.

Lily was also the classic jeans and white sneakers, black leather long jacket, white bag and sunglasses.

Дочь Джонни Деппа появилась на публике в Нью-Йорке без белья: "Смелая и откровенная"

We will remind, earlier in a recent interview with Australian Vogue Lily-rose Depp honest about their relationship to career, what she plans for the future and the person she is.

The first impressive memory Lily-rose was due to familiarity with the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld. She remembers that she was just fascinated by them, as if touched the highest art. This man struck her with his care, with kindness and humanity. Acquainted with the legend, girl that you was in a fairy tale for princesses. After that, she knew exactly what I want to do in life.

Lily-rose was not feeling too happy due to the fact that is constantly under the gun cameras of the paparazzi. She appreciates privacy and your friends, but sadly, she has no ability to see them, so she feels lonely.

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