Daughter of a legend of the 90s was in a hospital bed: “I’m so afraid…”

Дочь легенды 90-х оказалась на больничной койке: "Я дико боюсь..."

The young daughter of the late stars of the 90s Evgeniya Osina – Agni is dramatically bad started to feel

It became known about the hospitalization of Agnes Aspen. Before the girl had a fever and felt weak. The doctors decided to hospitalize a 17-year-old daughter of a legend 90 Evgeniya Osina.

You know, now that Agnes Aspen in the hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with acute tonsillitis. It will have to do a lot of IVS and shots — the last one she was very scared.

Fans of the girls believe that the cause of her poor health is a constant anxiety, tears and stress after the death of her star father.

Дочь легенды 90-х оказалась на больничной койке: "Я дико боюсь..." Дочь легенды 90-х оказалась на больничной койке: "Я дико боюсь..."

We will remind, Agnes Aspen read at the grave of his father the author’s poems. All those present at the farewell ceremony just froze, hearing the heartbreaking lines. All the pain of the grieving child and the loss and regret that failed to save his father from alcoholism, painful memories, all that Agnes was placed in his author’s verse.

Evgeny Osin died in Moscow last autumn. The artist was 54.

Recall also the Love of the assumption was urgently hospitalized in Moscow.

It is reported that the singer never got on the plane to Barnaul, as she was taken to the hospital. Writes about this TASS with reference to organizers of a concert of the singer:

“Yes, the assumption is hospitalized in one of clinics of Moscow. She flew to Barnaul. Now waiting for the decision on health. Likely to be the postponement of the concert”.

It is known that on Monday, April 22, a 65 year old assumption had to fly to Barnaul to his concert.

Recall, fans criticized the figure Kamensky.

As reported Politeka, Botox Miss Ukraine universe Josan angry Ukrainians.

Also Politeka told me that the Cords after the divorce, shocked the appearance was wife.