Daughter Irina Hakamada gave a sultry vacation with boyfriend

The daughter of a prominent politician Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotinskiy together with the young man named Vlad Sitdikov recently departed for a vacation in Spain. Now the couple shares a joyful and Sunny photographs in your account in Instagram. And some fans lovers already suspect that Vlad and Maria married.

Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила знойные каникулы с бойфрендом

According to reports, their relationship Sirotino and Sitdikov no longer hide from the General public about a year ago. Then they publicly announced that meet. According to Vlad, the daughter of Irina Khakamada immediately conquered: she is very kind, optimistic and serene. The parents of both young people approve of their choice.

The water is clear and very warm. Today we found a small cave on the beach. #vladsportzhurnalist #girlfriend #amigos #girl #sea

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A few days ago for the first time lovers flew together abroad for vacation. As for the rest they chose the North-East of Spain. There are now very good weather, the sea warm and calm. Lovers every day delight followers with new photos in Instagram. On returning to Russia the pair is going to do the work and earn money. Maria, and not repeatedly stated that he wants to open a company and earn a lot of money to be able to provide for his family.

Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила знойные каникулы с бойфрендом

As we know, Irina Khakamada knew that she will have a child with down syndrome. In front of her was a difficult and responsible choice, but she chose to give birth.

Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила знойные каникулы с бойфрендом

The politician has studied a variety of literature, and devoted many years to raising her daughter. It is also known that as a child, little Mary defeated cancer. Now Mary Sirotinskiy twenty-one and she’s all right!

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