Date of birth: how does the number of birth on our lives and karma

The date of birth you can find out what awaits us in the future, why our fate is so and not otherwise.

Дата народження: як впливає число появи на світ на наше життя і карму

There are effective ways of changing destiny and karma cleansing. They will help only those who believe that the universe is trying to get them on the right way to teach something important. Not to be confused with a simple black band with karmic issues, informs Rus.Media.

The calculation of the karmic numbers

It is believed that his date of birth people get a reason. Numbers play a special role in our world, they can open to us the secrets of our destiny. Numerology is directly connected with karma.

To calculate the destiny number you will need only your date of birth. For example, 12.03.1991.

First step: multiply the day, month and year. 12*3*1991=71676.

Second step: add up digits of resulting number until, until you get the number from the interval from 1 to 9.

7+1+6+7+6=27. Then 2+7=9. This is a karmic number.

Transcript of numbers destiny


Born under the auspices of the Unit are designed to help other people. The only way to clean up your karma and begin to live right. If your number – 1 top priority is to fight against selfishness and jealousy.

Deuce If the universe chose your number Two, you should exercise caution in communicating with other people. Even if you feel that you have found a soul mate that can be trusted in everything, it is desirable to keep some secrets to yourself. In a past life you have suffered from gossip.

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Tricou past lives, you often succeed at the expense of others. You could manipulate people, make them feel uncomfortable. Now your fate is selfless assistance to others. If it does not take in life can begin a series of problems.

Chetvirka the number 4 indicates that your destiny is all-round development. Maybe in past lives you’ve been lazy, but now the universe wants you to fix it. Do not stop learning, to strive for something greater.

P crcodile Five means that you should not waste your time in vain. It is important to choose one direction in life and follow it. Perhaps, you will find great love or untold riches, or maybe it will be a spiritual enlightenment. Follow intuition.

Six Your karma is positive, so the majority of your problems, if they exist, occur over uncertainty. You are free to choose any path in life: the universe will not obstruct.

Seven Seven is the number of sober mind and pure consciousness. The universe advises you to get rid of bad habits, including negative feelings and emotions. If this is not done, then in the future you can expect huge problems. A special place is the envy, to get rid of which will help you five effective ways.

Eight the Number Eight is a symbol of obsession. The universe is trying to push you with problems that have no quick solution. Through this you accumulate anger, insecurity, and negativity. To prevent this from happening, you need to be able to ignore the problems and accept the defeat. Vanity and pride are your main enemies.

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Nine the Number Nine inclines man to search for friends and other halves, but it is important not to forget about your calling. Develop your natural talents and appreciate the moments when you can completely surrender to the beloved. Finding the use of their abilities, you will be a happy man.

Very often stand in the way of negative attitudes, not karma. No need to explain all your problems, karmic problems, because often people blame themselves for that fortune turns away from them. Believe in yourself, communicate with good people, set a specific goal – and you will notice how life is changing for the better.

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