Danyluk came to the front of Donbass: there are photos

Данилюк прибыл на передовую Донбасса: появились фото

During the visit Alexander danyluk in the area of environmental protection were discussed combat missions

The delegation of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine headed by the Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Danyluk visited the area of operations of the combined forces to familiarize with the situation on the contact line and assessment of likelihood of threats to military and civilians in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, reports “Hvil”.

This reports the press service of the EP on his Facebook page.

Данилюк прибыл на передовую Донбасса: появились фото

“The working group of the national security Council called for advanced positions of our troops near the settlement Avdeyevka. And visited the sea of Azov, where he studied the state of Affairs in military units involved in combat activities on the contact line”, — stated in the message.

Данилюк прибыл на передовую Донбасса: появились фото

Also, during the visit the members of the national security Council heard the report of the Commander of the combined forces of Lieutenant General Alexander Mirskogo on the overall situation.

Данилюк прибыл на передовую Донбасса: появились фото

In addition, officials of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine has studied the issues in the work of one of the control points of entry and exit.

Данилюк прибыл на передовую Донбасса: появились фото

We will remind, on may 27, Vladimir Zelensky made his first working visit to the front line as head of state. The journalist Alexander Dubinsky pointed out in his video on YouTube striking difference between the present and previous presidents of Ukraine.

The President visited the Luhansk region, where he inspected the positions of the Ukrainian military in the Village Lugansk and Happiness. This was reported on the website of the presidential Administration. Zelensky asked soldiers about living conditions, quality of food, maintenance of machinery, housing and social support, and staffing divisions.

Alexander Dubinsky has noticed that Vladimir Zelensky received absolutely nothing like its predecessor. He flew to pay tribute to the leaders of the US, EU, and certainly not went to the reception to the President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin. As the journalist noted, many detractors have started to write to media that the President visited only the rear. But it was not so.

The author of the video have examined photographs of his working trip. He liked the way that Vladimir Zelensky opted for a visit to the Donbass:

“I was pleased that he did not go to camouflage. So I waited for the moment when Zelensky first time go to ATO, and I was waiting for: he will be to get into the camouflage, no relation to the military without having (Poroshenko — brand as well) or not. And, you know, went without camouflage, on the citizen, as an ordinary person. The President, as we just got dressed as he goes to work, and went to the front.”

Recall that ten of the wounded soldiers were evacuated to the hospital of the Dnieper river: “In the eyes of the terrible anguish of his deceased friend.”

As reported Politeka, the hero of Donbass was stunned with the truth about the crimes of Russia, a video message appeared.

Also Politeka reported on home for the night: emergency treatment Zelensky, the disintegration of the Russian Federation and hell in the Donbas.