Danilko disclosed “price” of happiness Kamenskih and Potap: “Every girl wants”

Данилко раскрыл «цену» счастья Каменских и Потапа: «Любая девочка этого хочет»

Ukrainian singer Andrei Danilko told the cost of celebration for Potap and Kamenskih

This he said Starhit.

“The wedding was such a… solvent. The appearance of the Verka was the desire Nasti. Yes and it’s rather a tradition: on a normal get-together to sing Serduchka — a DoppelgangeR of some kind. Of course, I never took money from them. It’s not the gift, but the fact that people are looking for emotions, good mood,” he said.

According to the artist, the couple spent on the wedding is about 2.8 million, excluding the cost of the décor and the concert program.

Данилко раскрыл «цену» счастья Каменских и Потапа: «Любая девочка этого хочет»

Moreover, said Danilko Kamensky about the desire to have children.

“Marriage is not immigration. Every girl wants. When we meet her talked She said that she wants kids. And it is a natural desire. Not always possible to combine a normal life and a successful career. I hope the guys can,” he said.

As previously reported, Nastya Kamensky and Potap told Katya Osadchaya about the difficulties they faced. As you know on may 23, the long-awaited wedding of Nastya Kamenskih (NK) and Alexey Potapenko (Potap), which was attended by more than a hundred guests and celebrities. Now the couple are on their honeymoon in Turkey.

Recently popular musicians Nastya Kamensky and Alexei Potapenko, spoke about the serious conflict that arose in their relationship. So, the pair often quarreled during the collaboration, and artists could go months without talking to each other.

This was discussed in “Swfsc life” Katya Osadchaya.

“Nastia is a very strong character, she doesn’t listen to anyone. We were always fighting,” – said Potapov.

Kamensky, in turn, said that once the couple quarreled in the period of the tour and talked to a month and a half. Thus then even the duet “Potap and Nastya” was performed every day on the stage.

“We both wind up in a bad mood. Relationships are not always normal, there are breakdowns. So we decided to send each other. Somehow a month and a half we spoke every day on the same stage, then after the concert we sat in different cars, went to a different hotel,” – said Nastya.

Данилко раскрыл «цену» счастья Каменских и Потапа: «Любая девочка этого хочет»

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and a touching confession of love.

Also Politeka wrote that honeymoon Kamenskih and Potap was surprised by the scale