Dangerous habits that can deprive your teeth

Опасные привычки, которые могут лишить зубов

Dentists gave tips, what daily habits can harm the teeth

Teeth whitening at home

There are many ways of teeth whitening at home. For example, whitening toothpastes with abrasive particles, special mouthguards or strips with the whitening gel, a solution of soda and activated charcoal.

All this brings only short-term effects and leads to injury of tooth enamel and gum tissue. Micro-cracks occur, which increases the risk of tooth decay and the appearance of gum recession. The teeth become too sensitive, and it brings pain and discomfort.

Bleaching should be carried out only specialist, to assess the condition of the teeth, and then choose the most suitable option.

Опасные привычки, которые могут лишить зубов

To chew hard objects

People cracking nuts with teeth, open them bottles, chewing pens. Biting hard objects will not lead to anything good, this is a huge mistake. This leads to the teeth, in some cases, you can even split a piece of the tooth.

In addition, negatively affects the condition of the teeth teeth grinding. The presence of piercings in the mouth or on the lips also can also adversely affect the teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating

Do not immediately after a meal to run to the bathroom. More useful and convenient to use other means to clean teeth. These include dental floss. Also use chewing gum with xylitol or sorbitol, you can restore the acid-alkaline balance.

Too much sugar

Sweet love not only people, but also micro-organisms that also love sweets. They react with sugar, and this causes the formation of endotoxins in the mouth. Such power inevitably leads to tooth decay.

Most dangerous in this plan are considered to be toffee and other candy pulling. They get caught between the teeth, and poor cleaning destroys the teeth. No less harmful is the use of sweet carbonated drinks, which often contains a huge amount of sugar.

Опасные привычки, которые могут лишить зубов

Hot and cold food

Very rapid changes in temperature detrimental to the teeth. Because of this, they form cracks, which then breed bacteria. Too hot and too cold food leads to such a result. In the end, you receive tooth decay or other gum diseases. Therefore it is better to refrain from too hot coffee or frozen products, especially solid.

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