Dangerous anomalies covered Ukraine: experts are sounding the alarm, will affect everyone

Опасные аномалии накрыли Украину: эксперты бьют тревогу, коснется каждого

Weather forecasters and environmentalists fixed in Ukraine weather anomalies

This is stated in the message of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine.

The increase in fixed frequency, uncharacteristic of the season weather events. This, in turn, adversely affects agriculture.

It is noted that Ukraine is forced to fight drought and the growth in the number of hot days in the summer that cover all large areas, including in regions where they are not typical.

Опасные аномалии накрыли Украину: эксперты бьют тревогу, коснется каждого

“If Ukraine will not actively take measures to combat climate change, it can lead to substantial losses of harvests of main agricultural crops in future,” — said the Chairman of the Ministry of environment Ostap Semerak.

As previously reported, the movement of tectonic plates led to powerful aftershocks, which caused the displacement of entire Islands. Experts that monitor the displacement of the earth’s crust, said that after a strong and devastating earthquake that occurred in 2016 and the Islands of the South and North in New Zealand by 35 centimeters closer.

It is noted that the city of Nelson, which is located on the highest part of the South island fell by some 20 millimeters.

14 November 2016, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8. Underground vibrations, overcoming the distance of 170 kilometers in 74 seconds.

In this case, there was at least 25 of the fault lines, which complicated the identification of the causes of the shift. According to scientists, the distance between the two Islands has been reduced by 35 inches.

Опасные аномалии накрыли Украину: эксперты бьют тревогу, коснется каждого

It is also necessary to remind that in the nearest future on the territory of Transcarpathia may occur devastating earthquake whose consequences can be catastrophic.

We will remind, the elements have descended on Kiev, the city went under water: stunning footage of emergency.

As reported Politeka became known, when Ukraine will come the present heat.

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