Dancing with the stars : Hapsatou Sy supports Elodie Gossuin and puts an end to the controversy over his elimination – Here

In the Face of the scandal aroused by his elimination from Dancing with the stars, Hapsatou Sy prefers to relieve tension. The columnist of the C8 even has sent a message of encouragement to Elodie Gossuin, severely taclée by internet users.

Last Saturday, Hapsatou Sy was eliminated from Dancing with the stars. A week after his companion, Vincent Cerutti, the columnist of the C8 has, therefore, left the floor of the 8th season of the show with heavy hearts to the side of his dancer, Jordan Mouillerac. If the young mum is left disappointed but with a smile, her fans have cried out to the scandal.

Hapsatou Sy is in effect inclined face of Elodie Gossuin, who was yet to last in the rankings and had not really shone during his performance. On the social networks, internet users were outraged by mass, as Gilles Verdez, who went even further by accusing TF1 of cheating.

Monday night on the plateau of the Key not at my post, the columnist has ensured that the chain had orchestrated the departure of Hapsatou Sy. “They have turned Hapsatou Sy. And why do they trip ? Not because she was last, but because it is on C8. And it was boring to do the promo to someone who is on C8. And as there was more torque, it does not interest “, he explained to Cyril Hanouna.

Given the magnitude of the controversy, Hapsatou Sy has finally spoken on his Twitter account. Very fair-play, the young woman sent a message to Elodie Gossuin, taken in spite of it in the turmoil. “My dear Elodie Gossuin,you have your whole place in the adventure of Dancing with the stars, you may be the super girl that I have had the pleasure to meet “, she wrote on the social network. Elodie Gossuin, she still hasn’t responded. Far from the scandal, the facilitator has trained actively for the viennese waltz that she will achieve during the next premium with Christian Millette.

My dear @Elodiegossuin you have your whole place in the adventure @DALS_TF1 you the super girl that I had pleasure to meet. @French tv channel TF1 Thursday ???

— Hapsatou SY (@HapsatouSy) October 31, 2017

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