Dancing with the stars 8 : Anthony Colette under the charm of Tatiana Silva, it responds to the rumors – Here

Is there romance in the air in behind-the-scenes of the eighth season of Dancing with the stars ? Anthony Colette has spoken on the rumours of his thunderbolt for a candidate.

With his fiery eyes and his air of Jon Snow, the newest member of the band quickly captured the hearts of viewers of Dancing with the Stars. And unfortunately it was not enough, Anthony Colette and its partner Joy Esther have been eliminated from the floor of TF1 to the gates of the semi-final. The duo very accomplice liked much by the public, mainly for their teasing on the social networks.

From the early days, the actress took her partner by the photographing sleeping in the car, on the road of repetition. A hazing that ultimately became a ritual each week. Then as a sister a little painful, she did not hesitate one second to swing the name of the candidate who was cracking the beautiful dancer of 22 years, ” He has a big heart for helping Tatiana Silva ! He always tells me how beautiful she is “, she entrusted.

If Anthony Colette had never counter-attacked to this subject, he responded to the rumours in an interview for Télé-Loisirs.fr. “I find it really very pretty and very nice “, he confirmed. And if the feeling is too much past between these two this is because they have done their trials together. But those who already know a lovely romance to the Grégoire Lyonnet et Alizée will be disappointed. “Tatiana is a friend with whom I laugh a lot, but there is nothing more…” he finally added. The dancer is therefore a heart to take. A situation that could quickly change, as he admits to receiving “the declarations of love and marriage proposals” every day. Love is coming.

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