Dam burst in Russia: witness the terrible tragedy began to speak, “people in danger”

Прорыв дамбы в РФ: очевидец страшной трагедии заговорил, "люди в опасности"

Breakthrough of the dam in Krasnoyarsk region is cluttered with more frightening details

It is likely that on the death of 15 miners might leak mercury. It is reported Politeka with reference to the rossm.

Hazardous metal could be used in the extraction of gold. At the moment about the extent of leaking accurate information. According to the Minister of ecology of the Krasnoyarsk region Paul Korchagina, the specialists of Rosprirodnadzor took samples on-site emergency.

Прорыв дамбы в РФ: очевидец страшной трагедии заговорил, "люди в опасности"

As you know, the dam early in the morning on October 19 the four-meter wave washed away the wagons with the workers in the village Scetinkino at the gold mine in the area of Kuragino. We already know about 15 people killed, another 16 are injured, six missing. The cause of PE local officials referred to the fact that the dam was built in the handicraft way, and was broken the technological limits. In addition, it has not been officially registered.

Прорыв дамбы в РФ: очевидец страшной трагедии заговорил, "люди в опасности"

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Russia’s investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article 216 of the criminal code (“Violation of safety rules at conducting the works, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”). To the company “Sibzoloto”, which belonged to the village of gold miners came to search.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses of the tragedy tell of their experiences of horror. As is known, the water flooded two workers ‘ dormitories temporary type. According to one of the miners, he was sleeping when the dam burst. The earth trembled so that it was like an earthquake.

“There’s water very much, I barely opened the door, went out, ran out, cried to be saved,” – says the man.

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The search for the missing continues around the clock: work teams with search dogs. In Krasnoyarsk Krai will direct rescuers from the Republic for liquidation of consequences of the accident involved 270 people and 50 vehicles, including aircraft. On Sunday morning, crews will begin to eliminate the consequences of a breakthrough.

Прорыв дамбы в РФ: очевидец страшной трагедии заговорил, "люди в опасности"

The media reported that the mine employed about 180 people.

21 October was declared a day of mourning for the victims of the destruction of the dam. The corresponding order was signed by the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory Alexander USS.

Recall, meteorologists warn of extreme danger in the Dnipropetrovsk region: “can achieve…”.

As reported Politeka, brutal element paralyzed the country: flights canceled, thousands of people without light, pictures of the chaos.

Also Politeka wrote that deadly element sweeps away all life in its path, chaos and destruction reign around, footage of the Apocalypse.