Cyril Hanouna unveils his plans for the after Key not at my post – Here

The Key commands not to my post of seven years, Cyril Hanouna is already thinking about the after. The latter has just lifted the veil on its future projects.

In the spring of 2010, to honor the tail of a contract on France Télévisions, Cyril Hanouna was proposed as a last resort a project emission based on his passion for the media, Key not at my post. Arrived two years later on D8, the animator has been chained to the records of hearings, making TPMP the flagship programme of the channel which has since become C8.

Considered today as the king of the PAF, Cyril Hanouna had surprised everyone by announcing last December that she wanted to leave the show. “I’m not going to run forever after the viewers. Frankly, in three – four years, I shut off the antenna, ” he confessed to a journalist of the Point, stating at the time to want to become a boss.

Today, it appears that Cyril Hanouna has changed his mind about his plans for the future. If the latter is planning to continue the antenna, this will not happen without his great friend, Dominique Farrugia, with whom he has worked on Comedy+. Both are planning to revive an old concept of issue for a long time presented by Alain Chabat. “With Dominique (Farrugia, ed), we want to do something of the type of Burger Quiz, with Laurent Baffie on C8,” announced Cyril Hanouna.

He then took the opportunity to reveal the name of the show that will replace Touch not my term. “In a few years, I am thinking to replace TPMP by a show of the type The big issue with me behind a desk and new talents such as Greg Guillotin, Kevin Razy, etc,” he said. By then, the talk show will have still beautiful days in front of him (and his lot of blunders).

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