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After fourteen years of common life, Cyril Hanouna and his companion, the gentle Emily, are separated.

She was there from the beginning. When the world of the tv had turned back to Cyril Hanouna after the failure of the Morning Live, Emilie was there, solid. Since 2003, the year of their meeting, one that was destined to become a teacher has assisted, advised. “Emily represents my change of life had told the presenter Catherine Ceylac in Tea or Coffee. […] A day […], they had called me […] to make The celebrity farm. I was at the bottom of the hole, I had the banker that called me every day. I said to myself : “At least like that, this will be a way to bail out the funds, try to leave, maybe.” And she said : “It is not possible”. “For” many months “, he has wanted to, before acknowledging that she had been right.

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It is at its sides as they ascend the slope with the issuance’t Touch my post, broadcast on France 4. But when the following year, he agrees to lead the morning to Virgin Radio, it is a blow for the couple. And because they have just become parents (Bianca, 6 years old, and Lino, for 5 years) and Cyril leaves the family home every day at 4: 30. Then the facilitator became a key figure of the small screen, with his show which runs daily on C8, between success and scandals.

>>> PHOTO by Cyril Hanouna pose for the first time with his children

In an interview with Marc-Olivier Fogiel on The Couch on France 3, he explained that Emilie was doing everything to protect the middle of the tv ” even though it has nothing against the people of [his] team. It is true that once I get home, it does not speak to me nor of what I have done, or tv. She will talk to me about the boy, who has not eaten his artichokes or something that they have done in school. I’m going to come completely out of what I have done in the day, and it is this that makes me feel good too. “But this has not been sufficient to preserve their relationship. After fourteen years of common life, Cyril Hanouna and Emily are separated. All the details in the new issue of Here, currently on newsstands.

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