Cyclone “Monster from the East” freeze Europe: alarming weather forecasts, not all will survive

Циклон «Монстр с Востока» заморозит Европу: тревожный прогноз синоптиков, выживут не все

Weather in Europe in the winter of 2020 will be very cold, is not without victims

Forecasters predict that the winter in January-February 2020 may prove for Europe the coldest in the last three decades. About it reports “Meteoprog”.

The article States that the European continent expect a significant decrease in temperature and heavy snowfalls.

Scientists have given a cold cyclone, the name “Monster of the East.” UK residents have felt the impact of the cyclone in February this year, when in some parts of Scotland the temperature fell to 14 degrees below zero, and wind gusts reached 112 km/h.

Циклон «Монстр с Востока» заморозит Европу: тревожный прогноз синоптиков, выживут не все

A harsh winter killed 17 lives. According to forecasts, the situation will repeat next year.

It is difficult to predict what kind of winter to expect in the rest of Europe, but rather we should expect the same conditions as in the UK.

At the same time, say forecasters, the winter of this year will come very early. So, in the Russian Norilsk, which is beyond the Arctic circle, the first snow fell in the first half of September. The weather at this time of year in those parts occurs once every seven years.

As previously reported, the weather will soon surprise the Ukrainians — the heat does not retreat, but already tomorrow the situation will start to change gradually.

Detailed forecast for Tuesday, September 17 the weather forecaster Natalia Didenko.

Циклон «Монстр с Востока» заморозит Европу: тревожный прогноз синоптиков, выживут не все

A powerful cyclone is in Europe, so in the North tomorrow will be a lot of atmospheric fronts, which will bring rains and strong winds and even snow. He already may appear, for example, in Norway:

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“Will damageda one front this cyclone and we (Ukraine — ed.)”. From the North-West, the West In the Ukraine will blow moderate, occasionally to strong winds.

17 September, Ukraine should also expect rains:

“In the Western regions, Central places in the South — except for the Crimea and South of the Odessa region, as well as in the East.” On Tuesday in the North to dominate the dry air:

“Except that along the Northern border something a little poopae,” adds the weather forecaster. It is also known and a substantial decrease in air temperature:

“We will be in the rear of a cold front expected in the afternoon +13 — +18 degrees, warmer, traditionally, in the South and South-East, +19 — +25 degrees,” — said the forecaster. And the next night in autumn:

“It is assumed +6 — +12 degrees South to 15 degrees”.

We will remind, summer is left of Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

As reported Politeka, cold fall on Ukraine: let’s shake, cook jackets

Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.