Cycling challenge “Endless Road”: 110 km of pride

The parties of the center Chesnaie Roberval Wednesday morning, young people enjoyed a beautiful sunny day to achieve their different objectives. For fifteen of them were trained to perform hundred kilometers program. Among the brave men who drove during the day, Tommy, 13, was super satisfied with his performance, especially since it was his second appearance since he had last year. “I do it to get in shape for my father to be happy and for my grandpa who is ill. I also did with my little brother Jordan, “he says cheerfully.
The course was divided into four sections, with stops in Metabetchouan, Saint-Bruno (dinner), and Larouche Chicoutimi. All participants, who receive the services of the Directorate of Youth Protection, have trained at least once or twice a week for a month and a half in order to meet this challenge. They made trips to the outside and indoor training. And those less trained have a shorter distance, but everyone has been training to prepare.

Educators / preceptors McNicoll Philippe Asselin and Michael are involved in this project since the very first edition. Each time, the magic happens. “Young people are very proud. They are happy, they had a beautiful day with the sun and they managed their challenge. Upon arrival, everyone applauded them. There are not many who are used to it, “says Michaël When asked about the reactions of young people. Indeed, upon arrival, some cyclists had round eyes and at times, they looked more where they went, devolved by applause and cheers.

“Their eyes are bright, adds Philippe. Our young people sometimes experiencing difficulties in a rehabilitation center and a day like this, spent in the company of outdoor educators, they see it as a success. To my colleague and I, this is our payroll. This is a very nice activity for our youth and it’s very nice. ”

The event is highly appreciated by the participants and it is not uncommon that many young people do their share of interest in the next edition, even if they are out of the center. “Yes, it has an impact (youth) because there are a few that we reparlent of ” Endless Road ” when they passed through our services for 12 years,” concluded the duo ‘supervisors.

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