Cultural Factory: Giuseppe Benedetto

artiste-verrier-giuseppe-benedetto-travailleAs part of a partnership between Tele-Quebec and Capital Media Group, The Daily presents a video of the series of cultural factory. Today, this first, Tele-Quebec presents the glass artist, Giuseppe Benedetto, based in La Baie.

The glass artist Giuseppe Benedetto shares his thoughts on the glass blowing master it after 25 years of research and experimentation. After growing up near the volcano Etna in Sicily, the Italian-Quebecers is passionate melt recreating in his studio, fire and lava, through the glass that liquefies in its kilns.

Artistic approach

In 1994, with the work supporting his thesis, that the approach of Giuseppe Benedetto took a direction based on the use of glass, steel, granite, aluminum and bronze. Primarily, its approach is based on an ideology of historicity, myth and iconography symbolic objects; objects that tell of moments, ideas, memories. Subjects which are space objects, stop time.

This time it appears polymorphic, as Giuseppe Benedetto three different but complementary ways of perceiving. The tangible wear of the material by time and the relative duration of the materials; course and perception of space-time (space-time as material and duration); consciousness of reality, memories and memory.

Its intention is to cause the eye by the alternation of opaque and transparent forms and by sequentially repeating shapes. The iconographic level, Giuseppe Benedetto wants to develop a formal language-related environment, myths and legends, highlighting archetypes and aspects of today’s society.

His creations will deploy in the space under totemic forms, spread the floor or take the form of wall. Finally, its objective is to develop a new formal vocabulary for conducting large-scale works that could facilitate considerable space, indoor or outdoor. (Source: Touverre.com)

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