Cultural accents Virage festival

decor-enchanteur-sainte-rose-nordCulture is not always synonymous with escape. It also helps to think, which explains the presence of a programming considerably beefier shows this year at the festival Virage, ideas factory. Held from 30 June to 3 July in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, the second edition of the event promises abundant.

“The principle is to integrate a lot of culture within an activity where it is often question of policy. It creates opportunities to combine two worlds that misconception, inconsistent, “observed one of the members of the organizing committee, Marielle Couture.

From Thursday to Saturday, 500 people will attend artistic events involving several disciplines. The tone is set from the opening, while the site called The Land of the Vikings will host a performance of Thomas Meloche. To discuss global warming, it will cut a block of ice with a chainsaw.

Musically, guitarist Ovid Conde received carte blanche to animate the 5 to 7. It will be followed by folk groups and Valerian Herb and The Two Birds present at 19h and 21h. As for Pierre Demers, it will close the books with his Bonimenteries, these sessions where silent movies are accompanied by a narration of his own.

After a first day of trading on the theme of the transition, the participants will live a new eclectic evening, July 1. Members of the duodenum, Luc Beauchemin and Bruno Chabot, play classic tunes during 5-7 and maybe they will become a trio along the way.

“Since we receive Jean-Martin Aussant the same day and it’s a very good musician, we will let drag a piano close,” says Marielle Couture. The evening will then scroll through the branches, a group that in the gumboot dance, then the first site of Gars, a project of Guillaume Ouellet gill slam music.

A festival within the festival

There are 500 places on the site and to access without restriction, simply purchase a package at a cost of $ 88 (we reserve viragefest.com). As for the price of day tickets, it is $ 25 except for Saturday, when we asked twice. The difference is that on that day, we will offer the equivalent of a mini-festival.

“It will be a big night. Thanks to a waiver granted by the municipality, we can present shows until 4am, says Marielle Couture. While remaining within limits, we will take the opportunity to get back into the mood of Sale Folk, whose last edition was held in 2014. ”

During the day, Jonathan Boies restart his machine poetry, which allows people to select a text recited on the spot. Another form of poetry will be embodied by the giant puppet that will prepare Abobinable Fanny Fay in the afternoon.

This creation will be shown during the shows, a sequence initiated by Georges Ouel in favor of a 5 to 7. There is talk of a committed artist, which is also the case of Steve Z and Kittens, a professor of philosophy fond of folk and rock.

The evening will then take a punk color, while the festival will hear Robert Gun Dogs and Fools, and the carrot group. They will prepare the ground for Grimskunk, expected around 23h. “The contact came Marco Bondu, part of the organizing committee. It is a friend of the band, “says Marielle Couture.

The songs of Nowhere Nord are also part of the program, like the unique number that will deliver two members of Black Clowns, Patrice Leblanc and Martin Giguère. The most incandescent performance will however be made by Izza Flambe, a specialist in handling the fire.

Since the senses have been very busy on Sunday will be quieter. We will finalize the Social Mosaic, a project launched on Thursday, while living an ultimate 5-7 in the company of La Palette, a collective of Quebec.

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