CSeries: Ottawa aid not needed immediately, says Couillard

bombardier-signe-deux-importants-contratsThe CSeries aircraft program Bombardier does not need financial support from the federal government in the immediate future, said Sunday the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard.

Mr. Couillard was speaking in the UK shortly after attending a promotional flight of the new CS100 aircraft from the company, the Quebec government is a partner.

“It was argued at the time was critical, when it was needed, when we needed our support demonstration, he said. I’m very, very proud we did it, all the better if Ottawa embarks with us is the flexibility for longer-term program. ”

On the eve of the opening of the Farnborough Air Show, Mr. Couillard reiterated that financial assistance from Ottawa is still expected to develop the CSeries from Bombardier.

“The aerospace industry in Quebec is that the car is in Ontario,” he said in a press briefing.

Mr. Couillard, however, that Bombardier, which has received an equity investment of US $ 1 billion the government has enough cash to move forward with 370 firm orders so far.

“In the short term, medium term, the program is on track, the order pipeline is full, a he said. There is enough liquidity in the company to advance the program to fill all orders that are before us. ”

Mr. Couillard indicated that additional financing will be needed later in the development of the program.

“The additional funding will be needed to ensure more flexibility in the future, identify new markets, develop new models, has he said. This is in Ottawa to make its decision. We, we have taken the decision. And if this decision had not been made, we would not be here today. ”

Ensuring first appearance at Farnborough a Quebec premier, Mr. Couillard said he had made the trip to express the pride of Quebecers to the CSeries.

“It has been very proud in Quebec and because of our large dams, Montreal metro, it should be as proud of this aircraft is behind us,” he said.

During his first flight aboard the aircraft, which flew over the English coast in the company of suppliers and partners of the manufacturer, Mr. Couillard has described it as the plane in which “all Quebecers” are co-owners.

Reporters with whom he later spoke on the airport tarmac, Mr. Couillard said he sees no inconsistency in the fact that it uses, as it is written in the strategy aerospace his government, the expression Series C, while Bombardier CSeries speaks instead of including in its communications in French.

“This is because it is the registered trade name, there is no problem with that, has he said. This is a very good thing, everyone knows what we mean. ”

Two contracts

Aid Ottawa is expected for months by the Quebec government and Bombardier. The company has successfully concluded two major agreements with Air Canada and Delta, since the announcement of the partnership with the Quebec government.

The cabinet of the Federal Minister of Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, summoned the media to a press conference Tuesday in Farnborough, for an ad, the content was not specified.

Present at the British show, the President and CEO of Bombardier, Alain Bellemare, said he expected to meet Mr. Bains this week.

Mr. Bellemare praised the decision of the Quebec government to take a 49% interest in the CSeries program.

“There is one year, people wondered if the program was going to be there, has he said. Today we have an order book that will allow us a production layout that is exactly what we had planned a year ago. ”

Mr. Bellemare said the Farnborough will not be the place to announce new sales of CSeries aircraft.

“The controls of an airline are not dictated by a show, they are dictated by customer needs and this is fact, he said. It is very, very active with several potential customers. ”

One-week mission

Mr. Couillard began in Farnborough a European mission nearly a week, which should also lead him to Germany where, after its aerospace strategy, it will promote its development plan for the maritime sector in Quebec.

For its passage to the British show, the Prime Minister is accompanied by 33 Quebec companies in the sector.

Mr. Couillard was forbidden to have fueled criticism of Bombardier competitor, the Brazilian company Embraer, stating that the transaction with Delta carrier, announced in late April, would have been impossible without the investment of his government.

“There is not a dollar of subsidy in the support we have given to Bombardier, it is only a trade agreement, has he said. And I know of no place on the planet, including Boeing and Airbus competitors, who do not have the major government support. ”

In May, Embraer has threatened to resort to the World Trade Organization tribunal (WTO) to challenge the financial support of his rival Quebec

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