Crossovers DFM AX7 will join the fleet of the Moscow car-share

Dongfeng, one of the largest Chinese automakers, sent an official appeal to the Metropolitan mayor with a request to include the DFM crossover AX7 in the list of the Moscow car-sharing.

According to the Federal tourism Agency, in 2016 the Chinese tourists managed to take first place in the number of groups of tourists and travelers in Russia, shifting from the first position of tourists from Germany. The people of China left the capital about $ 1 billion.

The Agency suggested that Chinese tourists will be easier to make a choice in the field of car sharing, if the fleet is well well-known brand. We are talking about a completely new crossovers DFM AX7, which arrived on the local market in the maximum configuration.

It is worth noting that the average cost of the Moscow car-virtually any share is 8 per minute and it is much cheaper than to use the services of a taxi service. A day carsharing car brings about virtually any 512, while a year amounts to 1.3 million virtually any.

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