Crossover Lamborghini Urus has demonstrated his abilities on the snow

December 4 this year will see the light of the luxury Italian SUV Lamborghini Urus, along with the released a new teaser video. At this time the powerful crossover has demonstrated its terrain parameters on snow.

When considering a new teaser video released by the European specialized portals, it becomes clear that crossover Lamborghini Urus will be equipped with new switch panel for the driving modes of the Lamborghini Anima that previously was only racing and road options Strada, Sport and Corsa. From now on, on the lever there are modes Sabbia, Terra and Neve is snow. Latest and dedicated video. As shown in the video, the crossover when operating in snow mode, Neve reduces the threshold for activation of the traction control and system of lateral stability, and smoothes move the throttle to avoid wheelspin.

Originally under the hood novelties will accommodate a 4-litre 8-cylinder twin-turbo unit, but then there will be hybrid engine. New Lamborghini Urus will be developed on the MLB Evo architecture. In 2018, expect the release of 3,500 instances of crossover.

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