Crimeans were “greeted” by trump with knives, nothing remains: “How ugly it looks”

Крымчане «встретили» Трампа с ножами, от него ничего не осталось: «Как же мерзко выглядит»

In the Internet ridiculed the “Sabbath” of Crimeans, who with knives attacked a cake in the form of US President Donald trump

Appropriate post posted on his Twitter page blogger Vitauskas.

“In Simferopol occupied the propaganda TV and radio company “Crimea” at the Banquet was cut and eaten “trump and all of his sanctions.” “We are 5 years prevent to live, so we decided to answer,” explained the General producer of the channel. And you? As for daring sanctions you punished adequately America,” reads the caption.

Note that on the published footage shows the Russians on the audience barely cope with the trump in the form of cake. This was the reason for caustic comments from the users.

“Naive. In reality, they all have got something on the lips from trump how disgusting it looks”, “it’s really a lost people”, “it is more similar to Putin”, “these barbarians or blunt knife, or cake expired”, “Hey, what about Obama?”, — they write.

As previously reported, in the occupied Crimea journalists, in a sign of “gratitude for sanctions”, cut and ate the cake in the form of a bust of U.S. President Donald trump. Cake “Thanks for the sanctions,” produced for the 60th anniversary of the Crimean television.

We will add, the former intelligence officer said, when and under what conditions, the Crimea will become Ukrainian again. The former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Victor Hvozd believes that the military route should not even think of.

According to him, in the near future”, no one will start a massacre”. Russia considers Viktor Hvozd, the Peninsula attaches great importance. Crimea is a country-occupier needs, first and foremost as a military base. And Russia will use the Crimea “in its geopolitical goals.”

Also, he expressed his opinion the former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine in Crimea are unlikely to soar “the yellow-blakitny” flags, while sitting in the Kremlin Putin.

“Meanwhile, the emergence of a new generation, the world is changing. Let us remember that the division of Germany, who could think that someone will merge in 40 years? On the other hand, North and South Korea. We need to understand that this is a long time – no one will solve this question, neither today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow”, – said Victor Hvozd.

Крымчане «встретили» Трампа с ножами, от него ничего не осталось: «Как же мерзко выглядит»

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole of Europe.

Also Politeka wrote that Russia staged a mass poisoning of the Crimea: “turning to desert”.