Crimeans “howled” from the lawlessness of Russia: “Bandera I was kinder”

Крымчане «завыли» от беспредела России: «Бандеровцы добрее были»

In the Internet appeared photo of the annexed Ukrainian Crimea, which destroy invaders

Pictures published RoksolanaToday&the Crimea on Twitter.

“Sevastopol. Central market demolition. Pokerscout someone’s life”, -stated in the message.

The picture shows that instead of the destroyed stalls have new, “improved”. Local displeased, as expressed in the comments.

“Bandera in Sevastopol were much kinder to the people than Russia”, “all the Money in the first place, and the people on the last,” “the traffic there tends to “0”, “This is Russia, baby”, “Like Russia, will receive,” they write.

As previously reported, the network has posted images from the occupied Russian Federation Crimea in the midst of the holiday season. Seen on the beaches of shared the Crimea Alexander Sawicki. He noted that attendance records of Peninsula is fictional and “except for suckers”, as he said, and no one believes it.

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“According to numerous requests of workers sympathetic to what is happening, today publicized appearance on the “Massandra Beach”. “High Season” “Ala Ulyu! Chase geese!” They let themselves in Russia, the Fuckers do it, about how Crimea every year, breaking records for the number of tourists! This year 12% more than in the breach. In addition to the suckers in all this nonsense, trust no one, and at 87.7-percent turnout in the so-called referendum in 2014,” added Sawicki.

The pictures were taken the day before. “The Crimea. Yalta. 09 Jul 2019.Time: 14 hours 30 minutes.”, — the author wrote.

Twitter is also in full swing of the discussion, empty the Crimean beaches.

So, blogger Crimean glimpse published on the page of an amusing screenshot from surveillance cameras, which cover everything that happens on the biggest beaches of the Crimea.

Крымчане «завыли» от беспредела России: «Бандеровцы добрее были»

Recall, development is not envisaged in the Russian Federation admitted, why he annexed the Crimea.

As reported Politeka, an ecological disaster in the Crimea: Ukrainians showed new footage of the disaster.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimean bridge “collapses” Putin received a painful blow