Crimea will return to Ukraine, announced plans to Zelensky: “Russia to compensate for the damage”

Крым вернется в Украину, озвучен план для Зеленского: «Россия компенсирует ущерб»

Mustafa Dzhemilev announced a plan to return Crimea

However, to expect that this issue will be resolved in the short term, it is not necessary, said the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, told the Obozrevatel.

In order to return the Crimea, Ukraine needs to work simultaneously on several fronts – with international partners, the residents of temporarily occupied territories, as well as to continuously improve its security system.

Крым вернется в Украину, озвучен план для Зеленского: «Россия компенсирует ущерб»

“Ukraine now has the opportunity to return to the Crimea. But work in this direction should continue. From Zelensky there are many ways how to do it. We must do everything together: to mobilize the world community to work with the population of the Crimea, to increase the stability and defense of our country,” he said.

Dzhemilev said that, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen a firm Pro-Ukrainian coalition. However, the problem is that each country has its own interests, and they don’t do all the things that I would like Ukraine.

In addition, the politician did not rule out the possibility that Ukraine may get a proposal on the return of the Crimea, even from Russia. However, whether to agree to it, will depend on what it will be.

“The most viable option is when Russia apologizes for all the crimes committed on Ukrainian soil, compensates the caused damage, removes all of its troops from our territory. Other variants I do not see” – said Dzhemilev.

Recall that earlier we wrote about the fact that the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea will not return to the Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian science fiction writer and blogger Ian Jacks. “I will say unpleasant, but the obvious thing for me. In principle, we can restrict ourselves to four words. Donbass — all. Crimea — all.”,- he writes.

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Jacks also believes that five years ago it was quite obvious that for some years the occupation in the territories of the older generation for whom we are the enemy, Ukraine is the aggressor, etc.

Крым вернется в Украину, озвучен план для Зеленского: «Россия компенсирует ущерб»

Jacks also indicates the inability to influence the residents of Donbass, as the methods of the aggressor was a win-win.

“We had no influence for five years had to give and could not. Russian press, Russian TV, Russian weapons, Russian volunteers, Russian instructors, units of the Russian army, the Russian currency…,” he writes. The occupied part of the Donbass can only be returned as a result of military action, says the writer. A peaceful solution to the conflict is impossible.

Recall, development is not envisaged in the Russian Federation admitted, why he annexed the Crimea.

As reported Politeka, an ecological disaster in the Crimea: Ukrainians showed new footage of the disaster.

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