Crimea embraced large-scale catastrophe declared a state of emergency, the occupants powerless

Крым охватила масштабная катастрофа: объявлен режим ЧС, оккупанты бессильны

The situation in the occupied Peninsula continues to deteriorate with each passing day

The so-called “power” annexed by the Russian Federation of Crimea has imposed a state of emergency in Krasnoperekopskiy and Dzhankojsky areas of the Peninsula.

The reason of such radical solution was the drought, which this summer affected the entire Peninsula.

This was reported under control of the Russian Federation “the Ministry of agriculture of the Crimea”.

“Emergency mode is entered due to drought in Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk districts,” — said the “officials”.

They also said that at the moment, this regime has been in place in six regions of the Peninsula.

Крым охватила масштабная катастрофа: объявлен режим ЧС, оккупанты бессильны

We will remind, inhabitants of annexed Peninsula complain that sitting without water. And those who are a little more fortunate can use water about one hour a day. Write about it in the social networks and publish schedules of water supply.

“Water an hour and a half a day to tourists for joy. And the local love,” reads one of the messages. Other Crimeans say that they have no charts, no water.

The CEO of the state unitary enterprise “Water of Crimea” Vladimir Bazhenov said that the similar fate soon awaits the entire Peninsula due to drought.

“No rain at this temperature, all surface reservoirs of wild collection is the evaporation of water. We will soon have daily withdrawal from the reservoirs to the network is compared with the daily evaporation to the sky. This applies to all reservoirs: Ayan, Guerrilla, Izobilnensky, Simferopol, Lenin, Feodosia and so on,” said Bazhenov.

Full responsibility for the situation “official” shifts to the “heavenly office”.

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Крым охватила масштабная катастрофа: объявлен режим ЧС, оккупанты бессильны

Recall also that another reputable company caught in a scandal because of the refusal to recognize Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Us business publication Bloomberg announced a world map on which Ukraine is shown without the occupied Russian Federation Crimea.

This material on elections in developing countries with a market economy. The map clearly shows that the color of the occupied Peninsula differs from the rest of Ukraine, which is painted yellow.

The authors of the article decided not to join the Crimea to the Russian Federation, which illegally occupied the Peninsula in 2014.

Note that this situation has already responded to the Ukrainian officials. So, according to the first Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Emine Caprovoi, the Agency plans to prepare a letter of response on this issue.

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