“Crazy in love”: the brother and sister entered a “genetic” marriage

«Безумно полюбили друг друга»: брат с сестрой вступили в "генетический" брак

Debbie Sutent became the wife of his half-brother Joe after 15 years of relationship, although the couple shared father

The couple tell that it was love at first sight

“Although Joe and family, when we met, we fell madly in love each other. I know that we share the same blood, but we never grew up together. I was adopted at the age of three years, and I always wanted to know my true family,” said Debbie.

The couple said that on the second date they have attended intimacy. A few weeks later the brother and sister began to live together.

«Безумно полюбили друг друга»: брат с сестрой вступили в "генетический" брак

A couple of 10 years hid their relationship from family and friends. At this moment, the family is not afraid to talk about their feelings to each other and the so-called genetic sexual attraction when people fall in love with lost relatives.

We have previously reported that women will prevent divorce SMS: “Quiet to leave will not work”. In Saudi Arabia, still a man could with his wife to terminate the marriage literally behind her back. From now on, this injustice came to an end.

The British press in Saudi Arabia reported that the divorce process is happening there are one-sided and unfair in most cases. A man can annul his relationship with a woman and not tell her about it.

«Безумно полюбили друг друга»: брат с сестрой вступили в "генетический" брак

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Why and how this happened in a country where Patriarchy reigns deep is not clear. Fact was fact, because a woman could be has long been free, at the same time considered themselves married. The government of Saudi Arabia decided to change the approach to this issue and has introduced a mandatory SMS-messages that inform about the divorce of the fairer sex.

Thus, when blessed with a woman terminates a marriage to her on the phone receives an official message stating that they say all, you, Madam, are a free woman now. Go where you want, he doesn’t know you.

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