Court: judges are opposed to the security shift

bureau-securite-palais-justice-granby(Granby) The decision to move out of view the security office at the Granby courthouse has been taken without the approval of the judiciary, which is now trying to overturn.

“We do not agree with that idea, says Conrad Chapdelaine, coordinating judge at the Court of Quebec for the judicial districts of the Eastern Townships. It’s a simple question of security. ”

The Eastern Voices revealed Tuesday that the move of the office responsible for the safety of the palace – called special constables – the ground floor at the end of a corridor on the 1st floor raised several concerns. The Law Society of Bedford and the Granby MP voted against this measure which, they say, is dangerous.

Since that amendment earlier this year at a cost of $ 89,605, computer theft and at least one quarrel with threats took place near the entrances.

Attached to his office, the judge Chapdelaine is still furious. “With an agent at the entrance of the palace, it provides a first screening situations that could jeopardize the security, he said. There is a lot of movement in this palace, for all kinds of questions, all sorts of problems. And the new office security guards, we do not know where he is. ”

In Montreal and Sherbrooke, security officials are permanently near entrances, he notes, as was the case prior to Granby.


In the city zoo, the courthouse is located at 1st and 2nd floor of the Roger-Paré building, rue Principale. The ground floor houses government offices as Emploi-Québec. Special constables, who are paid by Public Safety, are more often asked to patrol the floors. The judge asked that their presence will also be felt on the ground floor.

“There is not only inside the courtroom where there is need for security, or the floors, said Chapdelaine. Ultimately, the person who pays and who should be protected, it is the citizen. Should always remember that. ”

The coordinating judge said to press for revise this decision. On the side of public safety, it is explained that the local old had become obsolete and that the role of special constables “is not static, behind a desk.”

An information officer could at least take the place of local now vacant ground floor, says Conrad Chapdelaine. “Let there be a dedicated person, call it a docking station, which allows the screening of people entering the palace and that may seem dangerous. The bulk of the flow in the building there, it is the judicial activities. ”

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