Counterpart Putin disgraced the whole world: “he Grabbed the Cup”

Двойник Путина опозорился на весь мир:  «Схватился за чарку»

In the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin clone who “went hand” in the Kremlin

The staff concerned have published the propagandist Dmitry Smirnov on his Twitter page.

“Allow me to propose a toast to the glorious generation of victors, the great Victory, for the prosperity of our Motherland, our beloved Russia!”: Putin raised a glass with veterans at a reception in the Kremlin”, — stated in the message.

The published video can be seen of a clone of Putin, who with a glass in hand running around the room and clink glasses with the pensioners. It caused a violent reaction on the part of users.

“The prosperity of the country – ahah, this is so good”, “For Russia without Putin”, “trillion of money unattended in the pod, and these veterans are still on a miserable pension to live”, “let you on the**th send. Not you, the world Cup in person, nor your bald chef have nothing to do with this,” they write.

As previously reported, the Internet scoffed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was framed by the veteran directly to the may 9 parade.

This was reported by blogger Rustem Adagamov on his Twitter page.

“Comrade commander, I admire your operation in the Crimea”, — says the veteran Putin.

Note that this was the reason for the violent reaction on the part of network users.

“And veterancy’s errand”, “a good veteran who gets it”, “the deceived, naive old men”, “mummers and illegitimate”, “Dedok specially planted”, “operation – a referendum for lo*s”, “why do they say, and shame on me?”, “only scum can admire the crime,” “all told, not confused. Nothing learned”, “this fucking parade need to finish the passage of the quilted jackets-Negomedzyanov,” they write.

Двойник Путина опозорился на весь мир:  «Схватился за чарку»

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin was brought to tears by the change in appearance: “Bald thing”.

Politeka also wrote that Putin was given a piece of nonsense in mourning, the Russians furious.