Costly renovations of the office of the Minister Sohi

ministre-infrastructure-amarjeet-sohiThe Conservatives hope to embarrass the Liberals forcing them Tuesday night to debate for hours in costly renovations to the offices of the Minister of Infrastructure, Amarjeet Sohi.

The official opposition has discovered last month that the government of Justin Trudeau had spent more than $ 835,000 to renovate the headquarters of Mr. Sohi and his deputy.

So the Conservatives plan to take advantage of parliamentary procedure Tuesday night to officially oppose the item in the budget of government spending, which should lead to a long debate and force the Liberals to defend the decision.

The Conservative House leader, Andrew Scheer, said that this procedure was often used to shine the spotlight on a topic previously made headlines or a contentious issue in particular.

“We see a worrying trend towards liberal expenses and a return to the policy of” all entitlement “” Mr. Scheer said, referring to the famous phrase “I have a right to what is me due “to former Liberal MP and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, David Dingwall.

“The cost to the minister’s office seems rather excessive and we want to emphasize.”

The Minister Sohi has argued that such work was necessary because he had to arrange the space to accommodate all employees of the newly created department, including politicians, the Deputy Minister and officials.

Under the previous Conservative government, the Infrastructure portfolio under the Ministry of Transport.

“Our commitments require a dedicated minister, a dedicated department and a dedicated Deputy Minister to meet the expectations of Canadians,” Amarjeet Sohi had hammered in the House of Commons last month after being questioned about the expense.

“We needed new spaces for staff and new spaces for our deputy minister and his staff, and it is to this that served this investment.”

The spokesman Mr. Sohi, Kate Monfette, said the minister would be in the Commons on Tuesday evening to defend the expense.

The amount spent on renovations of offices Amarjeet Sohi was first unveiled when the government had to answer a question to sign the order paper, the equivalent of a request for access to information for members on how departments had spent to renovate, equip and furnish their offices following the coming to power of the Liberals.

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