Cosmetics anti-pollution: how to care for skin in the city

Scientists estimate that during the day our skin is on average feel 17 “thermal effects”.

Косметика аnti-pollution: як доглядати за шкірою в мегаполісі

Gradually mastered most especially the urgent technical issues – from moisture to aging skin, producing the beauty industry have begun to address global. So, on the agenda came the question of environmental pollution. After doing a lot of research in this area, affiliated brands the researchers found that nothing ruins the state of our skin as the life in the city, informs Rus.Media.

This stems from a whole range of factors – from air pollution and ending with the temperature changes, which are inevitable and urgent not only in the cold season. Take any average day any average resident of a big city. Left the house, walked along the street, plunged into the stifling subway. Emerged from the subway was air conditioned office. Left the office… well, you understand the logic.

Scientists estimate that during the day our skin feels average of 17 such “thermal shocks” and help to cope with them can only specially created for solving these tasks means. They are called cosmetics labeled anti-pollution. However, she struggles not only with the effects of temperature gradients: dust, dirt, ultraviolet light, which provoke the appearance of redness, flaking, clogged pores and acne – these are all important issues relevant beauty order.

What ingredients allow the means to neutralize aggressive factors of living in the city? Typically, the composition includes vitamins C, A and E, as well as various algae and their extracts which help to strengthen the immunity of the skin and strengthen its protective barrier. Oxidative stress is opposed by alpha-lolwa acid, glutathione, idebenone, and vitamin B3, but what to do with HEV radiation from gadgets, which, according to the latest data, produces something similar to photo-aging, nobody, alas, not invented. So while waiting for new discoveries, stocking already existing products labeled anti-pollution – the good, over the past year these appeared in virtually every major brand.

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