Corrupt radutsky still in the list of “public Servants”, scandal is coming: all the details

Коррупционер Радуцкий до сих пор в списке «Слуги народа», грядет скандал: все детали

In the lists of the political party “servant of the people” still appears scandalous corrupt Michael radutsky

The relevant information is on the site of the party.

“Entrepreneur, expert on the reform of medicine. Born December 5, 1968 in Kiev. He studied at the Kiev higher medical school. Gavrea, where he acquired the profession of a paramedic ambulance, and Kyiv national University of physical culture and sports on the specialty “Olympic and professional sports”, where he received a master degree in Olympic and professional sports. The founder of the medical clinic “Boris”. In the past a member of the Supreme Medical Council of MHC of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration”, — stated in the message.

Коррупционер Радуцкий до сих пор в списке «Слуги народа», грядет скандал: все детали

Specify that earlier in the network there was a scandal because of the involvement Radutsky, who stands from party “the servant of the people”.

Ukrainians in your opinion on this one – this person has no place in the party of the President.

“Delete from list”, “Remove”, “Remove all” — write to the network.

However, many remembered the words of the head of the party Dmitry Razumkov that the list of candidates may still be revised and called as soon as possible to do it.

“Visit the website “public Servants” leave comments.. Razumkov said today that the lists are not final, if you have any information about that person, post it on the website, they will review the candidate”, “She did not panic, for starters hear what I said Razumkov can get through to someone, but we can fix this? All things….”, — said in the network.

We will add, this was brought to the attention of the famous journalist and entrepreneur Andrew Palchevsky.

He noted that, in particular, it raises questions known associate of Peter Poroshenko Mykhaylo radutsky, who also inexplicably wormed his way into the list of “public Servants”.

“For me it was a big surprise to see in the list of “public Servants” without any doubt the leader of this race, number 18 of a certain Michael Radutsky, who all this time was a partner Poroshenko”, — the journalist was indignant.

Коррупционер Радуцкий до сих пор в списке «Слуги народа», грядет скандал: все детали

Recall that the party “servant of the people” leaked people Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, the party Zelensky wormed scandalous shemshak radutsky.

Politeka also reported that in the list of “public Servants” was noticed by the famous master of ceremonies: such a Parliament was not yet.