Consuming milk, women risk their health

Употребляя молоко, женщины рискуют своим здоровьем

Breast cancer is considered the most widespread disease in our days. However, this disease is known from ancient times, the signs of cancer and various tumors of the breast have been found even in Egyptian mummies.

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Not so scary: right now the medicine has sufficient knowledge to help a woman who discovered the process of formation of malignant tumors. Of course, if the disease is caught early! But most importantly — it seems that German dieticians were able to find the main causes of breast cancer.

If a woman eats a lot of fatty dairy products, it risks their health. German nutritionists have conducted studies, which found high fat intake, particularly fat, present in milk, cheese and curd, — a factor contributing to the emergence of malignant cells.

A generous intake of fats causes an increase in intra-abdominal fat and increases the production of hormones estrogen and progesterone. The contraceptive drugs can also cause an excess of estrogen in the female body. This factor increases the risk of cancer of the breast several times!

The best prevention of breast cancer is to limit the consumption of fatty milk and fatty cheese. If you’re going to watch your menu carefully, you will be able to avoid not only problems with overweight, but the emergence of dangerous diseases.

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