Consultations on an action plan against homophobia

ministre-justice-stephanie-valleeWhile the tragedy of Orlando, Florida, brings to the forefront the issue of homophobia, Quebec proceeded precisely Tuesday a consultation of stakeholders on this issue, in Montreal, in order to renew its Plan ‘action.

The government’s action plan against homophobia 2011-2016 should be renewed; it has already been extended for one year. It is important to see if the issues raised therein are still relevant and whether others should be added, said at the opening of the consultation the Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée.

Twenty groups took the floor, throughout the morning, to raise various issues that concern them.

For example, many have lamented the lack of funding for community groups that support LGBT groups (lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender), including those funded “through programs”.

Other groups from the regions of Quebec, reported that contrary to what many believe, there is no more homophobia in the region. “To say that region is more homophobic, it would undo that myth there,” exclaimed Alexander Houle, agency Young gay adult (s).

Moreover, Pascal Vaillancourt, the Gay listening organization, has himself confirmed that “55 percent of our calls are from the Montreal area” – evidence that homophobia does not own regions.

During an interview, the minister Valley noted however that she felt a need to “networking” groups in the regions.

Other groups have reported needs for sex education among young people, so open to diversity, to be more open and “inclusive”.

Some have noted the difficulty for LGBT seniors to live their sexual identity, including the visitor center.

Others spoke of the difficulty of being homosexual safely and confidently in some workplaces, even today.

Others have noted an even more difficult situation for LGBT immigrants or refugees, especially when they are met with religious beliefs contrary to their community.

After Montreal, consultation should also take place in Quebec City. Similarly, individuals can participate in an online consultation open to all. Comments on the consultation paper can be formulated until September 1, said the minister Valley, in an interview.

“The tragic events that occurred last weekend (in Orlando), this is something horrible. And it shows just how important our work, the importance of implementing the action plans and to talk about these issues then in society, “she said.

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