Conspiracy theorists: Nibiru will destroy Earth November 19

Nibiru will collide with Earth on November 19, causing global cataclysms, which will lead to the death of all living things. This statement was made on the eve of the conspiracy.

The so-called researchers of Planet X believe that Nibiru is on a collision course with Earth. Currently they point to the new disaster on Sunday. Some of these professionals believe that the monstrous celestial body, known as the “Black star”, will destroy the Earth its gravitational field November 19.
The main culprit of this bizarre theory is Terral Croft, who shares his pseudo-scientific studies on the web site PlanetXNews, as well as in his personal blog and YouTube channel. Croft points to several earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters that crumble to the Earth on 19 November. He even draws them in the 3D model of the globe showing earthquake in the Pacific ocean along the West coast of Mexico and far East Asia.

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